Treating People with Respect. Preserving Environmental Integrity.

We believe that every coffee we sell should be produced with the utmost integrity—respecting people, and preserving the environment. So we set to work creating a set of standards that applies to each and every farm we work with—and then we gave farmers the tools and training they needed to meet those standards. Four principles underlie all of our requirements:

We must preserve natural ecosystems and wildlife. Many species, both flora and fauna, live in the forests and other habitats that surround coffee farms. We work with farmers and communities to protect these irreplaceable ecosystems and animals.

We must treat soil as the precious resource it is. In many coffee-growing regions, soil is a fragile resource that must be carefully managed. We work with farmers to ensure that the soil is sustainably replenished to avoid nutrient depletion, and we work with farmers to take forward-thinking measures to prevent erosion.

We must use water responsibly and protect water sources for communities. As water scarcity becomes a growing issue the world over, we recognize that we must ensure that farms are managing water resources responsibly, and water sources are protected for all. We create water conservation programs and use innovative technologies to make the most of each and every drop.

We must respect people and treat them fairly. Unethical labor practices are strictly forbidden. We work with farmers to ensure that all farm employees enjoy fair wages and good working conditions, free from discrimination, and safe and hygienic in accordance with internationally accepted practices.