Making Farmers Profitable for Tomorrow and Today

When we consider what to invest in, we always come back to one central goal—creating profitable, prosperous producers. The reason is simple—if farmers can’t make a living growing coffee, the days are numbered for many of the world’s most incredible beans. Unless we want to live in a world where the only coffees are mass-produced, we need to find a way to finally give coffee farmers the respect and prosperity they deserve.

That’s why we share technology and best practices to help farmers use their resources efficiently, and increase their productivity. We set the highest social and environmental standards possible, because it’s critical that the land continues to be farmable, and communities livable, for generations to come. And we treat all farmers with respect—because we want to maintain long, loyal relationships with these farmers and their families long into the future. It’s about respect—for land, for people, and for communities. It’s good for coffee. It’s good for you. And it’s just good business.