Natural Wonders from the North Gayo, in the Aceh region, is home to giant flowers, orangutans, tigers, and specialty coffee. Coffee was introduced to this area in 1924, which is relatively recent compared to the neighboring island of Java. Nonetheless, Gayo now accounts for more than 50% of the total Indonesian Arabica crop. Download Fact Sheet
Aceh has more biodiversity than any other Asian-Pacific region. Rare and endangered species like Sumatran tigers, orangutans, and rhinos roam the forests and swamps. Countless orchid varieties are found throughout the area as well as the world’s biggest flower, the Rafflesia.
Steep Boulder-Strewn Slopes Slopes in Aceh are incredibly steep. Lower altitudes are lush with rainforests and tropical fruit trees, but as you climb in elevation, you find smallholder coffee farms, shaded by beautiful trees. The rich volcanic soil makes the region incredibly fertile, but the steep hillsides make growing and picking coffee a challenge for producers.
Perfectly Pruned Trees Coffee is one of the only crops suitable for the rugged mountain terrain of the region, so much of the local economy revolves around the industry. This dedication to the crop is evident when you see the very well maintained, beautiful plantations of the area. Perfectly pruned coffee trees sheltered by well-spaced shade trees are a common sight on smallholder farms. You can taste the attention to detail in the end product—coffees from the region are sought after the world over.
A 22-Hour Journey to Market When harvest season arrives in October, coffee is handpicked and the largest cherries are selected and separated. Then a third round of handpicking takes place to ensure that only the finest cherries are selected. Coffee is semi-washed, then takes a 22-hour journey down the steep and treacherous slopes to market.

Hands of Hope
Hands of Hope is a charity project we at Volkopi initiated in cooperation with the NGO called Friends International. Buyers of our Sumatran coffees have the option to choose to add a premium per pound. These premiums get allocated to children related projects in Indonesia, especially in the coffee growing areas. The Hands of Hope coffees go into bags which are decorated with paint by local children. The children who decorate these bags benefit directly from the proceeds.

Sadly enough there is no shortage of orphanages and children in need. At the moment around 300 children have their living situation, education and nutrition improved.

With a portion of the proceeds we organize English classes for children of farmers in Aceh and other coffee areas. This program is becoming more and more popular, we are very happy that the funds created enable us to pay teacher salaries and purchase learning materials.

Another cause that receives a lot of attention is the Asuhan Sungai orphanage run by Mr. Eli. There is never a shortage of projects for this orphanage. The last project we had was to increase their quality of life with supplying them with new beds, maintenance on the kitchen/bathrooms and repainting the entire building. It was a great day when the renovated orphanage was reopened. A small party was organized, Friends International had a goody bag for every kid and there were happy faces all around!
Resources for Children
After flooding impacted Takengon, a local school lost most of their furniture and materials. To help get students back on track we partnered with the community to provide new educational materials. We’re also proud to have been involved with the renovation of two local orphanages, and in 2016 we will continue carrying out more renovations.
Gayo Big Bean Coffee HARVESTING OCT-DEC 2016 A unique varietal with outstanding earthy, slightly fruity flavors, and a heavy body.
  • Flavor Fruity, herbal, slight tobacco
  • Body Medium to heavy
  • Acidity Medium
  • 1 - Fragrance/Aroma
  • 2 - Flavor
  • 3 - Acidity
  • 4 - Balance
  • 5 - Body
  • 6 - Aftertaste
  • 7 - Overall
  • Cupping Score: 84+
  • Quality: Triple picked
  • Producer: Carefully selected farms from the Aceh community
  • Variety: Tim tim, Super Ateng
  • Processing: Semi-washed
  • Altitude: 1,500 meters ASL
  • Harvest: Main crop October to December; fly crop March to June
  • Packing: 65lb box  What’s this?
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