Green Fields, Green Coffees Narata Nauli means "Beautiful Green" in the local dialect. Not only is the coffee here a beautiful green, but the entire region is as well. Specialty coffee is grown on a mountainous ridge that cuts right through the middle of Northern Sumatra, and the region produces some of the most tantalizing and biggest beans on the island. Download Fact Sheet
230 miles south of the Narata Nauli growing area is the Mandailing Natal Mountain. This is the place in Sumatra where the first coffee tree was planted in the 1870’s. It only took 140 years for the coffee trees to populate the island, and now Sumatran coffee is indispensable not only for Indonesian farmers, but for coffee consumers around the world.
Pine Forests and Mountain Lakes North Sumatra's lakes, pine trees, and rolling hills make it hard to believe that you're only hours away from white sand beaches and tropical rainforests. This region is located on the ridge of a mountain range that cuts through the middle of North Sumatra, and sits at 1,500 meters ASL.
A Collaboration of Coffee Farmers Hundreds of smallholder farmers work together to produce beans for us. They grow both specialty coffee and chili plants on their small farms, alternating rows of the crops in their fields. Each Friday, the farmers bring their crops to the local market, where we select the very finest cherries from that week's harvest.
Semi-washed, Giling Basah Coffees Picking, pulping, hulling and drying is all done by hand in Northern Sumatra. As everywhere in Indonesia, the coffee here is "Giling Basah" or semi-washed. To create Giling Basah, the coffee parchment is only marginally dried and then stripped from the bean. The still moist green bean is then sun dried for another two to three days before being triple handpicked.

Farmer Training Days
We organize over 388 small farmers into 16 groups to provide training on the latest agricultural techniques. Each group receives eight weeks of training on sustainable agriculture. Currently, our biggest training initiatives are focused on the use of shade trees, and on demonstrating pruning methods.
Meet Our Batak Farmers
In North Sumatra we work with over 1,000 experienced, entrepreneurial and committed local farmers. Our goal is to keep them excited about producing top quality coffees.

Our farmers are split into 30 farmer groups where each group is headed by a Key Farmer. These individuals support collection logistics and provide an easy channel for farmers to communicate directly with Volkopi and vice-versa. Transparency is essential in this locality.

In May 2016 we held a large open meeting with all our Key Farmers to share ideas on improving quality and yield in the area, we addressed concerns, and we answered questions. We had Ganda, Volkopi’s quality expert and qualified Q grader, to share guidance on crop husbandry and methods to maximize parchment quality. Executives at our mill spoke with farmers about everything from price to volume to quality. We talked about serious issues like sustaining the complex aromas we love in North Sumatra coffee and even touched on some bizarre topics like whether rumors of an alternative use of coffee for gunpowder were true—they're not.

Coffee is having a tough time globally and sustaining our transparent relationship with our farmers is paramount to success in the area for both Volkopi and the farmers themselves.
Narata Nauli Translation: Beautiful Green These giant beans brew into an elegant and exotic cup with an earthy, citrusy flavor, long lasting sweetness, and a medium body.
  • Flavor Fig, lemon, cocoa nibs
  • Body Mild
  • Acidity Delicate
  • 1 - Fragrance/Aroma
  • 2 - Flavor
  • 3 - Acidity
  • 4 - Balance
  • 5 - Body
  • 6 - Aftertaste
  • 7 - Overall
  • Cupping Score: 84.25
  • Quality: Triple picked
  • Producer: Carefully selected farms from the North Sumatra community
  • Variety: Jember, Ateng, Onang Ganjang
  • Processing: Semi-washed
  • Altitude: 1,500 meters ASL
  • Harvest: Main crop October to December; fly crop March to June
  • Packing: 65lb box  What’s this?
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