Our Process Is the Root of Our Success. Literally.

By the time a green coffee bean reaches its final destination, it has changed hands many times. If you could be there every step of the way to ensure exacting quality control and maximum preservation of freshness then you certainly would. Unfortunately, you can’t. But we can.

Our process begins at the farm level. We buy direct from farmers, and we stick with them throughout the year offering hands-on expertise to get the best quality from their plants and the best yield from their crops. We are involved in transporting and processing and often many steps in between—all with timely and controlled methods designed to preserve and protect the integrity of the Origin.

Once our Q grade cuppers have selected which of the premium beans surpass our superior standards for quality, we go to great lengths to preserve and protect them. We seal our beans in GrainPro bags and pack them in custom-constructed boxes at Origin. Each receives a special seal before we transport them to our clean, secure, segregated U.S. warehouse. From there they are shipped expressly to you. Throughout the process, we never break a box, we never break a seal, and we never break a promise. It will arrive in your hands just as it left Origin.

We’re passionate about our coffees and we’re committed to passing along their perfection to our customers. It’s how we intend to grow our business, our relationships, and our reputation.