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Ethiopia Limu: Coffee Notes

March 27, 2017
Ethiopia Limu Coffee

Last week we asked around for some feedback on our Ethiopia Limu, a washed coffee from an heirloom variety. The comments might be summed up three words — key lime pie — but we thought you might want to read a bit further.

Tony Auger, our southwest partnership manager, told us:

I’ve recently had some great run-ins with our Ethiopia Limu.

Scott Carey of Sump Coffee picked up this coffee and I was lucky enough to taste it on his brand new Pour Steady. I was blown away by how much caramel and vanilla was in the cup, which finished with some white grape.

A few days later, I was at Rise Coffee, where they were featuring Sump’s roast of the Ethiopia Limu on the Siphon bar. There, it was like a key lime pie, custard and all.

Lastly, we had the Ethiopia Limu on the cupping table at Kaldi’s Coffee, while they were assisting Palace Coffee in sourcing a new coffee offering. Both Kaldi’s and Palace loved the coffee and thought it was very lime forward, with white grape, custard and graham cracker notes. It’s been a favorite of mine, and I’ve enjoyed trying all the different roasts.

Jarboe, director of coffee and training at Palace Coffee, also offered his thoughts:

The Ethiopia Limu is an aromatic, sweet and complex coffee. Melon and soft florals dominate the aroma with a lemon-candy acidity on the first sip. As it cools, the Limu grows sweeter, with notes of apricot, melon and a smooth milk-chocolate finish. The sweetness and light body make the Limu incredibly drinkable all day long.

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