About Us

For more than 150 years, Volcafe has been a trusted green coffee supplier, with a reputation built on serving customers through its extensive on-the-ground presence at coffee origins. It runs its own facilities, enjoys strong connections to producers and partners, and keeps its focus on quality, every step of the way.

The Genuine Origin Coffee Project was created with the belief that if those resources were focused on making the specialty coffee supply chain better, a more promising future could be created for growers, for roasters and for the long-term sustainability and availability of the world’s best coffees.

With our history, people, resources and relationships at origins around the world, we’re already making an impact. We’re finding new ways to fix the challenges facing the industry today: we’re fighting climate change and disease, improving the communities where we live and work, developing new ways for growers to run profitable businesses and making it easier for roasters to gain access to the highest-quality beans.

We invite you to explore our Originssee our vision for a sustainable future, and learn more about our commitment to helping independent roasters run a better business. Together we can all build a stronger, brighter future for specialty coffee.