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The Genuine Origin Coffee Project is a commitment to making the specialty supply chain better—better for farmers, better for roasters, and better for the long-term sustainability and availability of the world’s finest coffees. Launched by Volcafe—a leader in coffee for over 150 years, Genuine Origin is taking the benefits of a century’s worth of experience, resources, and relationships, and refocusing them with a modern vision. Read more

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At Genuine Origin, we've re-engineered the green coffee supply chain to best support the pioneers who are revolutionizing the coffee industry - micro-roasters and small farmers. Learn more LEARN MORE


Without the commitment of passionate farmers, the world’s best coffees simply won’t survive. That’s why we’ve invested in a truly holistic, long-term approach to protecting these farms and communities for tomorrow. As we see it, there’s only one way to create true, long-term sustainability—and that’s by creating proud, profitable producers.